Tell Your Brand's Story

A story is more engaging than a tagline. When you are trying to reach prospective customers, tell a story that they can connect with. This can be the story of your company or the story of your customers. Regardless of what the story is about, make it engaging.

First, determine who the characters are going to be in your story. Is it your company's founder, one of your customers, or one of your employees? Once you have your main character, determine the plot. If you are telling the story of one of your customers, the plot can be how the product or service has benefited them. How has your product improved their life? Is there a challenge that it helped them overcome? Or tell the story of how your company was founded. What motivated your founder to start the business? What does the history of your company say about its values or current way of operating? If you are telling the story of an employee, describe how they contribute to the company and why their role is important.

Whatever the story, make sure it is something that will resonate with consumers so that they want to make themselves part of the same story. That is the ultimate goal. You want your prospective customers to hear or read the story and feel a stronger connection to your company as a result. By telling a story, you are humanizing your company. A good story can make consumers root for you and feel invested in your success. This not only encourages them to purchase from you, but increases their loyalty to your brand.

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