Super Ads - What You Can Learn From This Year's Super Bowl Commercials

Not only is the Super Bowl the championship game between the top NFL teams; it is also the championship of advertising. It's the big leagues of the ad world. It's the event that allows every advertising agency, Fortune 500 company and ambitious (and well-financed) start-up to strut their stuff on a national scale, to compete for the minds of tens of millions of viewers. Many people even consider the commercials the best part of the Super Bowl.


Less is More - Simplicity is Key for Effective Marketing

The accepted truth in landing page design is that simplicity is the best practice. One theme, a concise message, a clear call to action. Many experts even say that all links to other pages on your site should be removed from landing pages. Essentially, you want to eliminate all distractions so you can dictate exactly what your site visitor focuses on.


Top 7 Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

I was originally going to compile a standard "top 10" list of marketing blogs, but when I started writing down my favorite blogs, I only came up with seven. I decided that I didn't want to water down my list with other blogs that I don't actively read, as I felt this would be disingenuous and would reduce the overall value of the post. Here are the blogs that made the cut:

  1. Seth Godin - Seth Godin is something of a legend in the marketing world. Bestselling author of over a dozen books, he offers consistently insightful posts.
  2. UnMarketing - Author of one of my favorite marketing 2.0 books (also titled "UnMarketing"), Scott Stratten writes about how to engage your customers and potential customers instead of marketing to them (hence the name "UnMarketing").
  3. Copyblogger - This blog focuses on the content side of marketing, namely blogging and copywriting.
  4. Brian Solis - Brian Solis provides analysis of the new media landscape and recommendations on how your business can succeed in it.
  5. Chris Brogan - A great source for social media marketing insight.
  6. {Grow} - Mark Schaeffer writes about how to grow your business using social media, blogging and other marketing channels.
  7. Danny Brown - Another great source for marketing 2.0 information.