Be Disruptive, or Risk Being Disrupted

The media loves to highlight "disruptive" companies and technologies - organizations that are shaking up the status quo in their respective industries. However, there are many businesses out there who are terrified of this type of change. If you are one of those that see change as a threat, then you need to learn how to embrace disruption if you want to thrive, or even survive.

Even if you are an established company, you need to sometimes think like a start-up. Don't wait to be disrupted. Be the disruptor. If you want to succeed in the long-term, you must be proactive instead of reactive. Identify the trends and make sure you are on the cutting edge. In fact, to be disruptive, you need to be ahead of the curve entirely. You need to blaze a trail into uncharted territory. If your ideas seem radical, even better; a radical idea is often just what is needed to innovate in an entrenched industry.

Focus on moving your industry forward and you will earn genuine differentiation in the marketplace. When you have a product, service or business model that is truly unique (and better than the existing alternative), the market will come to you. 

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